'Run for, and by heart failure nurses'

This Forum aims to support the role of heart failure nurses. We want to help develop and enhance practice in the care and treatment of heart failure patients by sharing resources, tools and ideas, facilitate and generate research and innovation. We are keen to further develop the heart failure nurse role through access to education, training and peer support. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that patients have access to the best care and treatment available, wherever they happen to live.

Please take a look around the forum at what is available and use whatever you may need. If you have a piece of work that you think your colleagues would find interesting or useful, we would be delighted if you let us know so we can add it to the forum.


Jayne Masters

Chair of Nurse Forum Steering Group

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Heart Failure mentioned in the NHS Long Term Plan

People with heart failure and heart valve disease will be better supported by multi-disciplinary teams as part of primary care networks. 80% of heart failure is currently diagnosed in hospital, despite 40% of patients having symptoms that should have triggered an earlier assessment. When admitted to hospital, we will improve rapid access to heart failure nurses so that more patients with heart failure, who are not on a cardiology ward, will receive specialist care and advice. Better, personalised planning for patients will reduce nights spent in hospital and reduce drug spend. Greater access to echocardiography in primary care will improve the investigation of those with breathlessness, and the early detection of heart failure and valve disease.

Forum Aims

  • To promote the essential role of heart failure nurses throughout the UK in primary, secondary and tertiary care.

  • To share and develop knowledge, expertise and best practice.

  • To encourage the incorporation of research based evidence into practice, promote research to improve outcomes for patients and carers, and support research activities.

  • To assist the development of core competencies for heart failure nurses.

  • To support and advance the development of a recognised education and training pathway for heart failure nurses.

  • To promote, support and encourage education and training events and resources.

  • To advise on and influence the provision of heart failure nursing services and standards of care and management of heart failure patients.

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