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Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Hypopnoea Syndrome in Chronic Heart Failure

University of Leicester

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IRON-MAN - Intravenous iron treatment in patients with heart failure and iron deficiency

BHF funded.

Study population - patients with iron deficiency and heart failure due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction. PROBE (prospective, randomised, open-label blinded end point) design with primary endpoint CV mortality and hospitalisation for worsening heart failure, aiming to recruit 1300 patients.

Status: 660 patients recruited from 67 centres (January 2019)

Key study to answer very important clinical question. In addition, crucial to complete timely recruitment to demonstrate to funders that the UK can deliver large, multi-centre HF studies. Please contact CI if you are interested in opening as a site. If site already open please try to increase recruitment (ideally at least one patients per site per month).

Contact: Paul Kalra (