These documents are examples of what other centres have been willing to share and represent the policies and procedures of those individual Trusts and organisations. Members are able to use them and adapt them for their own services. The documentation has been checked by members of the BSH Board but is not necessarily a reflection of the practices of the Board members themselves.

Education and Training

Student Welcome Pack - Community Cardiac Team, Mersey Care NHS FT

Focus on Frailty - Dr John Baxter

Interactive Case Discussion - The IrunBru Award - Dr John Baxter

Interpretation of blood tests – spot the difference? - Dr Parminder Chaggar

Iron Deficiency Anaemia - Dr Ewan J McKay

Coding in heart failure - Dr Sue Piper

Heart Health – Understanding the function of iron - Dr Sue Piper


Implementation of guidelines:The practicalities of giving IV iron - Dr Carla Plymen


Iron Deficiency: Case presentation - Dr Carla Plymen

Clinical data update and options for iron replacement - Dr Simon Williams

Palliative Care

Patient Information

Heart Failure - Information for Patients         English    Gujarati    Polish

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Advice on how to manage cramp in heart failure